Monday, July 14, 2008

What's in a name?

I was googling the word neener, out of boredom, and I stumbled upon Apparently my nickname has some unpleasant meanings, but some aren't so bad. I'll share a few.
Here they are, all supposed definitions of the word, neener:
1) An interjection typically used to taunt, ridicule, or boast.
"No thanks to you, but I was able to score the last tickets to the show tonight, and you're not going with me, so neener!"

2) A generally silly person. "You are a neener. "
3) A slang or urban term used to describe a 9mm handgun. originates from southeastern Virginia in the Norfolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach region.
"Yo, flash that neener and peel a cap on them fools!"
4) Sister, Like a sister, best friend
'Your my neener.' or 'My neener is coming over later'
5) A word used to describe something that you dislike greatly.
"You stupid neener head, I hate you!" "My homework is a neener!"

6) People who fall off the back end of a horse drawn carriage
"That neener got a concussion because of that fall"

Some get real specific like these ones:
7) A little boy in bright green spandex.
"Are you a bunny rabbit?" "I'm a neener!"
8) the kind of person who tends to become an engineer. they have no social skills and are highly competitive. usually chronic pot smokers. always try to be better than their best friend. usually ignores everyone else. only talks about themselves. when they don't like something you just did they will say, "so neener neener neener!" on text message.used to be a keener but now they are not.very similar to wiener except they don't have sex anymore.
"besides you're leaving me and moving to fort mcmurray so neener neener neener!"

Okay, that's enough. I don't think that last one describes me. I think someone has a personal problem. The labels on that one were: loser, chronic, i'm jealous of you, i hate my husband, jerk, and anti-social closet lesbian.
Admittedly, I am anti-social, but I love my husband and I couldn't even get in the closet if I wanted to (too much junk). I think definition numbers 2, 4, and 6 are actual descriptions of me and my nickname. Well, I haven't fallen out of a horse drawn carriage yet, but I'm sure I would, given the opportunity. Not much of a Cinderella, I guess.


tymz said...

Urban Dictionary (properly filtered) is a very cool site. Your post made me realize the way we use "neener" isn't listed, so I added it--thanks for the inspiration!

Succubus and Saint said...

Yeah, in Tim and my language it means to nag, whine or complain. So yet another negative connontation for you.

Rebekah said...

Hey Eileen! Love the blog! Urbandictionary can be funny and scary, but I like your list for Neener. Spence is definitely into definition number 1 right now, much to Lauren's dismay.