Friday, May 15, 2009


I didn't eat chocolate for years, but now it has been years since I broke the no chocolate phase. Now I'm on a diet, but I still can't pass up free chocolate.
If you love chocolate too, or you just like free stuff, every Friday until September, Mars Candy company is giving away 250,000 coupons for a free Mars candy bar. It starts at 9am every Friday, so if you don't make this one, try again next Friday.
Just go to

I got this information from Marne's blog which is under my blog list and is the one called
Making Life deal at a time! She always has great stuff on there.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yes, I am a Blond

I used to have super blond hair, but as I've gotten older, it has darkened some. Sometimes I wonder if I could still be considered a blond, but moments like Thursday, reconfirmed my blondness.
I was in Provo with my sister-in-law, Heidi, for her sister's wedding. I went with her to help with her three kids. Anyway, I was driving Heidi's van and she told me to park behind her brother-in-law's car, which would stick me halfway in their driveway, and also blocking the sidewalk.
"I can't block the sidewalk." I complained.
"Sure you can." She said.
"Yeah, why not?" Her brother, who looks amazingly a lot like Jesus, asked.
I was so flustered, I answered as I went ahead and parked, "What if I get hit by a blind kid on a bike?"

After a lot of laughing, Heidi and Chris pointed out that usually you don't give a blind kid a bike. You probably shouldn't give your new minivan to a blond either.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Thought...But No

I sat in the back row in Sunday School today. Usually it is full of people with their toddlers. They use the huge gap between the back row and the rest of the rows to run around. Peter came in late but he sat next to me in the back.
During the lesson I reached over swiped the Altoids tin from his pocket. I was surprised when he didn't put his hand out for some too. Then I realized he was intensely watching a little girl run back and forth on her tip toes. I felt my heart skip a beat. Peter never shows interest in any children, especially the ones who still wear diapers. That's why they all like him.
So I was pretty excited to see his heart soften enough to closely watch this cute little girl. Then I realized the truth when I heard snickering from everyone else in the back row. Peter was teasing her with his laser pointer. The poor girl kept trying to catch the red dot, but he always kept it just out of reach. He used it to repeatedly lead her back to her parents...away from him.

So, I thought he had a new found soft spot for children...but no.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Apparently, It was a Bad Idea

Madagascar is facing a civil war after Andry Rajoelina, the Mayor of the capital city Antananarivo, denounced President Marc Ravalomanana as "a dictator, a scoundrel and a thief." Protests and violence have gotten out of hand, leaving about 100 people dead. My sister-in-law's family lives there and it stinks with the dead and burning bodies. For now they are safe, but they are close to the violence.
I asked Ken and Eva what they thought, "Who side are you on?" They basically told me that while they don't really like either one, the mayor is clearly the greater of the two evils. He just wants power, and so he creates contention and encourages his supporters to over throw the president. Honestly he has enough followers to become president if he waits until 2011.
So here is what I find funny. Rajoelina actually declared, that he was ruling Madagascar now and that the people will be following him. He told school children and civil servants to stay home on Monday, to show solidarity. No one really did that, showing that he overestimated his support.
So what do you do to a mayor who's a rebel rouser? You fire him, duh! And that's what they've done.
I must say that the guy has a lot of guts to suddenly declare himself in charge.
So, I was in el baño thus pondering if I would have the guts to do that. I'm not a huge fan of the U.S. government as it is. Could I ever just stand up and say, "President Obama is a dictator, a scoundrel, and a thief. He doesn't deserve to be our president. I do. I am the president now and I will be giving the orders!" I had just finished that thought when the light bulb in el baño let out two loud pops and went out. According to cartoon laws of physics, if it had suddenly come on, that would mean I had a brilliant idea. Since it exploded and went out, apparently the universe was telling me it was a bad idea.
So I have come to the conclusion not to overthrow the U.S. government. Too bad, as president I was going to take over Canada and Mexico. Then I was going to turn around and sell Mexico to Ireland. They deserve more land and I would much rather have leprechauns sneaking over the borders with their spunky attitudes and pots of gold...not that I mind Mexicans coming here, as long as they do so legally.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Smokin' Hot!

First the Microwave, then the Laptop.
Things around here are a bit stinky. First it was my mom using the microwave. We noticed it sounded a little off. Then we noticed the smell. You know, the kind of smell that's like electrical smoke. So, we ended up getting a new microwave a couple days ago. It has new features the old one didn't have. Features like, delayed start. I can actually put my food in there the day before I want to heat it, and then it will turn on and heat my food for however long I told it to. Letting my food sit in there for so long, unrefrigerated, is a little gross, but I think it will be nice to set it to go off in a few minutes when I'm busy preparing other food. The other cool feature is I can just push reheat and it heats the food up to the right temperature without me giving it a time. It actually senses the steam and then bases how much longer to heat it based on that.
Then there is the problem with my laptop. It caught on fire. Now it's just a lapbottom. Peter had to take the screen off because the wires were burning.
I had turned it off and flipped the screen down and then I noticed smoke, the same electrical smoky smell as with the microwave. I unplugged everything really quick and then I yelled for Peter and he took care of the rest while I flipped out. There was an actual flame!
So now I'm kind of hoping I'll get a newer laptop with better features, just like with the microwave.
I want my laptop to have a smoke sensor like the microwave has a steam sensor. That way if it happens again, it can shut itself off. I also want it to heat up food like the microwave does that way when I'm surfing the web I don't have to get up to get my Angel Pee and Cinnamon Hot Cocoa.
Next thing that needs to catch fire is the TV. I hate using the digital converter box and a new TV would be fantastic!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Now that Christmas is over and I have some time to breathe, I decided to post a poem I wrote for my Christmas lesson for church, that I never used. (I hate to think I waisted my time.) Mostly I just feel guilty for not even mentioning Christmas. So here is my "better late than never" effort.

'Twas the Night of True Christmas
'Twas the night of true Christmas, when all through the Earth,
The world was stirring, with news of His birth,
The stars in the Heavens hung by the moon with great care,
In hopes of a glimpse of Our Lord laying peacefully there,
The child was nestled all snug in his manger,
While King Herod was plotting against him with danger,
The wise men did come from far in the east,
Unknowingly alerting this selfish beast,
When in the fields there arose a messenger divine,
Telling the shepherds of the true Christmas sign,
Away in a manger all wrapped in swaddling clothes,
While the Wise men sought him by following the starlight glows,
The Nephites did look as the new star appeared,
With no darkness that night, the righteous cheered,
While the wicked did fall down to their knees,
Regretting they couldn't slay the righteous as they pleased,
So Satan doubled his efforts of doubt,
Lyings, deceivings, and hardenings did sprout,
But most of the people still knew he came,
Baptism, repentance, and peace they did proclaim,
Now in Bethlehem the Shepherds did see his angel's face!
Then with excitement told everyone, all over the place,
The promised child lay cooing, at his mother so mild,
With hope now all who heard surely smiled,
The wise men did bring gifts, even three,
They presented their treasures, bowing down on one knee,
The first gift was that of beautiful gold,
Something so valuable for one who is not very old,
Then came the frankincense, the holy perfume,
A great symbol of his future sacrifice, I presume,
The third gift was that of myrrh, the great embalmer,
A reminder of resurrection's new hope, and the stable grew calmer,
All these grown men bowed down and worshiped the baby,
The Lord's promises were sure, not just a maybe,
A bundle of peace, a bundle of joy,
He would grow in wisdom and stature, a smart little boy,
The gift was given, the Lord came to reign!
From breaking the bands of justice to death's ugly chains,
He would save us all from our world of doom,
Because of him, all who died would rise from the tomb,
But first he stayed among the children of men,
He would teach us, love us, heal us and then,
The small baby would pay for each and every sin,
Then great long nails would pierce his precious skin,
Upon a wooden cross he'd be lifted up,
Because of love, His Father would not remove this cup,
After three long days the babe turned man would rise,
Giving promise of renewed life to all who dies,
Yes, this babe in the manger would have a hard life,
Full of mockings and trials and great unjust strife,
Most beloved by all in heaven is given,
The brother who's life would be purpose driven,
Look now upon this little Christ child with hope,
You can be cleansed through him, better than any old soap,
So let me hear you exclaim, ere ye go on with your celebration,
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all salvation!"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can You See Him?

I received an email from my mom yesterday. It was one of those ones where you forward it to 5 people cause, the person who created it felt like they would make their mark on the world by email. Here is what it basically said:

"If I could sit on the porch with God, the first thing I would do is thank him for you.... Forward this to at least 5 people including the person that sent it to you, a person will appear standing on this bridge. Let me know if you know the person ? Okay?"

Here's the picture before.

So we both had to try it. And the result is this picture.

Do you see Him? Yeah, that's what I thought.

My mom emailed back and told me who she saw. "It must be the Holy Ghost!"

I love my mom!