Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Hitch...is broken

It's your lucky day. I give to you now....The Hitch.
The day before the wedding, with a million stores to go to and a billion things to do, started off like I expected and then got worse. We were supposed to pick up the Wedding Dress the day before, but when she tried it on, we noticed they missed hemming one of the layers. So We ended up having to cram it into the already predictably hectic day of Friday. On the way to drop the dress off at my grandma's, Eva called my brother to see what he was up to. She had a confused look and then hung up the phone pretty quickly. She told me he said something like, "Hold on, I'll call you back."
That was weird, but he always was a little strange. He finally called back when we were close to my Grandma's. I tried to listen to their conversation, but I don't understand Malagasy.
Eva handed me the phone and Ken tells me that Grandpa is okay, but he was in an accident. They were setting up for the reception, my grandpa was driving his truck, a Toyota Tundra, with a load of table and chairs.
They had emptied the truck and my grandpa was backing up. He went about six to eight feet when suddenly the truck jerked and then accelerated uncontrollably (unintended acceleration, they call it). Driving backwards, mind you, he went over the side walk, through a fence, over a tree, back over the street, hit an electrical box, and then slammed into a nice big Dodge truck that was sitting in the driveway, T-boned it. It knocked the truck clear off the driveway and my grandpa's tires were still spinning when my brother ran up to it, turned it off and helped my grandpa unbuckle his seat belt. He had a few cuts and hit his head, it's still sore.
So I know lots of people would suspect, he's old, he hit the gas, thinking it was the brake. Not so. The officer who investigated said that he would have been knocked off the gas when he hit the fence, but the marks he saw indicated constant acceleration the whole time.
This poor 85 year old man had the scariest ride of his life, backwards. He said he's never been that scared, even in World War II.
So just his truck alone is $9,000 to repair, a lot of backend damage. The other truck is probably totaled and it was pretty new.
Anyway so the havoc this wreaked on the day was crazy. I lost a good four hours that I desperately needed. We ended up working on things until after 3 am. I had to go to Walmart, a good half hour away, at 1am to get some stuff that we needed that night so we could finish the center pieces. I was Eva's escort so I had to be up at 6:30 am so I could get ready and take her to get her hair done. That isn't a lot of sleep.
So, in conclusion, be careful anytime you walk infront or behind a car, especially a Toyota. It might just take off uncontrollably, and it isn't because somebody has a hit on you...or maybe it's like my Grandpa said, "I don't know, all I can think is that the Japanese are trying to get back at me." I told him next thing, his tv will explode.


Rebekah said...

Wow! That is a crazy story! Your grandfather was indeed blessed not to be more seriously hurt. What a terrifying experience.

Amber Rae said...

What a crazy day! I am glad your grandpa is okay and the wedding was okay. I loved the pictures in your other entry. They look so happy.