Monday, September 8, 2008

Cute as a Button!

So my parents got back from Madagascar a few weeks ago and they took this picture of a cute little girl. I loved the small story behind the picture.

They were walking down the street, and they saw this little girl. When they initially saw her she was all bent over at an uncomfortable ninety degree angle, with a pop bottle on her back and a blanket in her hand. Balancing the pop bottle seemed quite athletic to my dad at that moment in time. She would balance it and then try to swing the blanket around her back, but the pop bottle would fall and she would pick it up and place it on her back again and swing the blanket around her back. They soon realized that she was playing “MOMMY” and the pop bottle was the BABY! Most of the women that have young children in Madagascar carry their babies on their backs. My dad hurried as fast as he could to get his camera out to take a picture, but he was a little slow. By the time he took the picture, she had straightened up, and was attempting to wrap the blanket around her again. The bottle was visible, but had snuck up by her neck as he took the picture. The photo is not one of the greatest photo’s that he has taken, but it still shows the adorable face of this little Malagasy girl, and because of the story behind the picture, it definitely is one of my favorite pictures from their trip!

She was probably really surprised to look up and see white people staring at her.

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