Friday, December 26, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Now that Christmas is over and I have some time to breathe, I decided to post a poem I wrote for my Christmas lesson for church, that I never used. (I hate to think I waisted my time.) Mostly I just feel guilty for not even mentioning Christmas. So here is my "better late than never" effort.

'Twas the Night of True Christmas
'Twas the night of true Christmas, when all through the Earth,
The world was stirring, with news of His birth,
The stars in the Heavens hung by the moon with great care,
In hopes of a glimpse of Our Lord laying peacefully there,
The child was nestled all snug in his manger,
While King Herod was plotting against him with danger,
The wise men did come from far in the east,
Unknowingly alerting this selfish beast,
When in the fields there arose a messenger divine,
Telling the shepherds of the true Christmas sign,
Away in a manger all wrapped in swaddling clothes,
While the Wise men sought him by following the starlight glows,
The Nephites did look as the new star appeared,
With no darkness that night, the righteous cheered,
While the wicked did fall down to their knees,
Regretting they couldn't slay the righteous as they pleased,
So Satan doubled his efforts of doubt,
Lyings, deceivings, and hardenings did sprout,
But most of the people still knew he came,
Baptism, repentance, and peace they did proclaim,
Now in Bethlehem the Shepherds did see his angel's face!
Then with excitement told everyone, all over the place,
The promised child lay cooing, at his mother so mild,
With hope now all who heard surely smiled,
The wise men did bring gifts, even three,
They presented their treasures, bowing down on one knee,
The first gift was that of beautiful gold,
Something so valuable for one who is not very old,
Then came the frankincense, the holy perfume,
A great symbol of his future sacrifice, I presume,
The third gift was that of myrrh, the great embalmer,
A reminder of resurrection's new hope, and the stable grew calmer,
All these grown men bowed down and worshiped the baby,
The Lord's promises were sure, not just a maybe,
A bundle of peace, a bundle of joy,
He would grow in wisdom and stature, a smart little boy,
The gift was given, the Lord came to reign!
From breaking the bands of justice to death's ugly chains,
He would save us all from our world of doom,
Because of him, all who died would rise from the tomb,
But first he stayed among the children of men,
He would teach us, love us, heal us and then,
The small baby would pay for each and every sin,
Then great long nails would pierce his precious skin,
Upon a wooden cross he'd be lifted up,
Because of love, His Father would not remove this cup,
After three long days the babe turned man would rise,
Giving promise of renewed life to all who dies,
Yes, this babe in the manger would have a hard life,
Full of mockings and trials and great unjust strife,
Most beloved by all in heaven is given,
The brother who's life would be purpose driven,
Look now upon this little Christ child with hope,
You can be cleansed through him, better than any old soap,
So let me hear you exclaim, ere ye go on with your celebration,
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all salvation!"


Kristin said...

Nice poem. I am not a fan of the original poem, but I like this one.

B.K. Stanley said...

Eileen, I didn't realize you had such a gift for poetry. It really is very good and such a beautiful message too.