Monday, January 19, 2009

Smokin' Hot!

First the Microwave, then the Laptop.
Things around here are a bit stinky. First it was my mom using the microwave. We noticed it sounded a little off. Then we noticed the smell. You know, the kind of smell that's like electrical smoke. So, we ended up getting a new microwave a couple days ago. It has new features the old one didn't have. Features like, delayed start. I can actually put my food in there the day before I want to heat it, and then it will turn on and heat my food for however long I told it to. Letting my food sit in there for so long, unrefrigerated, is a little gross, but I think it will be nice to set it to go off in a few minutes when I'm busy preparing other food. The other cool feature is I can just push reheat and it heats the food up to the right temperature without me giving it a time. It actually senses the steam and then bases how much longer to heat it based on that.
Then there is the problem with my laptop. It caught on fire. Now it's just a lapbottom. Peter had to take the screen off because the wires were burning.
I had turned it off and flipped the screen down and then I noticed smoke, the same electrical smoky smell as with the microwave. I unplugged everything really quick and then I yelled for Peter and he took care of the rest while I flipped out. There was an actual flame!
So now I'm kind of hoping I'll get a newer laptop with better features, just like with the microwave.
I want my laptop to have a smoke sensor like the microwave has a steam sensor. That way if it happens again, it can shut itself off. I also want it to heat up food like the microwave does that way when I'm surfing the web I don't have to get up to get my Angel Pee and Cinnamon Hot Cocoa.
Next thing that needs to catch fire is the TV. I hate using the digital converter box and a new TV would be fantastic!

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B.K. Stanley said...

Sounds like you've been smoking lately. Want to try a nicotine patch? :) Good luck with the new laptop.