Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Thought...But No

I sat in the back row in Sunday School today. Usually it is full of people with their toddlers. They use the huge gap between the back row and the rest of the rows to run around. Peter came in late but he sat next to me in the back.
During the lesson I reached over swiped the Altoids tin from his pocket. I was surprised when he didn't put his hand out for some too. Then I realized he was intensely watching a little girl run back and forth on her tip toes. I felt my heart skip a beat. Peter never shows interest in any children, especially the ones who still wear diapers. That's why they all like him.
So I was pretty excited to see his heart soften enough to closely watch this cute little girl. Then I realized the truth when I heard snickering from everyone else in the back row. Peter was teasing her with his laser pointer. The poor girl kept trying to catch the red dot, but he always kept it just out of reach. He used it to repeatedly lead her back to her parents...away from him.

So, I thought he had a new found soft spot for children...but no.


B.K. Stanley said...

That was pretty clever way to get her home Peter. Sorry Eileen, that must be a frustrating thing to want children and have your husband not really care. He'll care when it works out for you two.

Love you.

Rebekah said...

That poor little girl never catching the dot. Great way to keep her occupied though. I bet her parents appreciated it. I bet Peter would be all over his own chldren. Nice to see you back on the blog. :)