Saturday, August 30, 2008

Midnight Sun

I am so sad, and so happy all at once. One of my favorite novels is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I won't describe it really, but I definitely recommend it. Anyway, Midnight Sun is the same book, but told from Edward's view (the other is told from Bella's). Stephenie Meyer has been working on it, but some chapters were leaked and spread around. She felt so frustrated that she decided to put off writing the book, indefinitely. That is the sad part. I really am disappointed. The good Part? Well, it seems Mrs. Meyer is such a nice person, in spite of the whole betrayal thing, that she posted the partial draft on her website, all 264 pages, in order to help keep her fans from being dishonest and downloading it elsewhere.
So now I'm reading it, actually devouring it, and I think I like it even better than Twilight, which I still love by the way, but this is even better. I doubt by how many pages it has that it is even close to complete and I will always wonder what more she would have written. So anyway, I have this sick twisted pleasure reading it early and at the same time I'm so disappointed there won't be more. I have this guilty pleasure and it frustrates me.
Well, enough of my rant, if you want to read hers, here's is the link, and the partial draft of Midnight Sun should be a click away at the bottom of her post.

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Succubus and Saint said...

DANGIT! Thanks for sharing the news though. I will have to read it. I know I absolutely loved her first chapter. I wish I could justify printing that all out though. I much prefer to read in bed then at my desk. Maybe I need to snag Tim's laptop computer hmmmm.