Sunday, October 5, 2008

Playing Favorites

I have to admit that every General Conference, I try really hard to pay attention, but by the end, I don't remember who said what. That doesn't mean I didn't pay attention. I do have my favorites.
I remember how much I loved Elder Wirthlin's talk, and I'm sure I remember what he said, It just is jumbled with a bunch of other talks. Is he the one with the story about the daughter with the blind date? I loved that one.

My favorite apostle of all time has got to be...drum roll please...

Elder Eyring!!!!

He has got to be the happiest person I have ever seen. If you saw the press conference with him and Elder Cook a while back, when he was put into the Presidency, you had to notice how much he glowed. It was then that I decided he was my favorite. He's so very wise and you can see him pause momentarily before he speaks, as if he checking with the spirit about what is to be said. I can't help but feel the spirit when I look at him or even think of him. He is just made of awesome!

Look at that smile. Isn't he the Best!


Kristin said...

Uchtdorf is my favorite but Eyering is definitely awesome too. I think this is my favorite presidency ever. I love hearing all three of them when they speak.

Rebekah said...

I love Elder Eyring as well. It is so comforting to hear him speak. I also love Holland, Oaks and Nelson. I think Elder Wirthlin's story of the blind date was the funniest.