Sunday, August 24, 2008

Little Bridal Shop of Horrors

So I have a new best friend. She is amazing and catches on to things quickly. Her English is pretty good. This last week we went wedding dress shopping. She looked gorgeous in everything, but is only a size two and as short as me. So every dress we saw would have to be altered. We were trying to get around having to hem a dress so the lady that worked at the bridal shop suggested that she try on a slip with it. My soon to be sister-in-law looked confused. The lady told her that if she wore a bigger, poofy slip, that maybe the dress would come up some. Her eyes were big and she kind of looked scared. I tried to explain it and showed her what the lady was talking about. She agreed and tried it on with the slip. It worked at first, but they started to straighten it so then it didn't make much of a difference. I helped her put the dress back on the hanger and she started to laugh as she told me, "In Madagascar, a slip is this." She tugged at her underwear. "So when the lady told me to put on a bigger slip..." Ha, ha! No wonder why she seemed so horrified, the poor girl thought we were going to make her wear big poofy panties.
I love teaching her new words. I taught her premonition, bad juju, cockroach, underwear, and bra. She taught me Kadradraka (cockroach) in return. I can't wait 'till she gets to try the game I taught her. Watch out K.C., she's gonna get you.

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Succubus and Saint said...

It is so fun shopping for wedding dresses with your future sister-n-law. I got to do that with Angie too. Just don't ask the "SO. . why are you marrying my brother anyway?" It tends to put an awkward silence there. . . Congrats on new family...and new family you like. So far I am very pleased with who my brothers...oops brother married.