Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Want to be a Senior Citizen Too!

Have you noticed how good old people have it? Cheap movie tickets, discount meals, parking spots right in front of Shopko, not to mention Social Security benefits and free health care. Another year older, but not old enough.

Proposition 8? HA! I say that the gay rights activists are fighting to change the definition of the wrong word. Change the meaning of Senior Citizen! They have way better benefits than plain old married people. Yeah, let's change the age to 26, in a year, you can change it to 27.

I know, I don't see it happening either, but when the new proposition fails, I can't wait to see their protests against the senior citizens. I don't see the elderly taking it lying down.

Watch out for canes (or as I like to call them, camouflaged beating sticks) and elderly drivers (They drive that way on purpose. They learned it from the Japanese. It's their kamikaze). Graffiti their fence, and you'll end up whitewashing it while they shake their fists and recount stories of the good old days.

Remember World War II? Of course you don't... yet.


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Eileen! Hope it is a good one and you are treated like a Senior Citizen!

Amber Rae said...

That's so true! And a good point. I love it!
And happy birthday

B.K. Stanley said...

There are some disadvantages too by the way. Generally speaking you'd rather just take a nap. Anyway Happy Birthday Eileen.

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday Eileen! Sorry I'm so late. So if the age gets moved to 26 do I get retroactive benefits? ;)