Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday's Gratitude

I am grateful for the monster headache and nauseous feeling I have right now.

My last 24+ hours have been spent making two checkered cakes and a whole bunch of Oreo truffles for our Young Women's in Excellence tonight. We had a Black and White theme. I messed up the middle layer of one cake, but I pieced it together anyway. As I frosted the cake, it got all crumbly and spotted my nice white frosting. I used Oreos chunks to hide it.

So, why do I have a headache? Because running around like a chicken with it's head cut off makes it hard to eat anything good for you. All I have had is the part of the cakes that I leveled off.

No Breakfast + No Lunch + Cake - Dinner= Monster Headache + Nausea

I'm grateful that I have nausea and a headache because it means my body is strong willed and won't put up with my abuse. If I am not eating right, it lets me know and believe me, this feeling can not be ignored.

It's nice to know my body resorts to violence when it doesn't get it's way... just like me!


Kristin said...

Grattitude is a wonderful thing. It makes all the difference in ones attitude. Good for you. That cake sounds interesting too.

Rebekah said...

Next time decorate a cake with fruit. What kind of black and white fruits are there? I guess bananas are the only thing I can think of. They are white at the beginning and then black by the end. Perfect!!!